Gadget of the year

For me the gadget of the year (2011) is the $79 kindle. Not the Fire. Not the iPad. The cheapest kindle. I would have purchased the kindle touch for $20 more but it has a serious design flow – if you (like me) dislike fingerprints on the screen it can drive you crazy. The cheaper model has buttons for prev and next page and is actually a little bit smaller and lighter than the touch. You do not need a keyboard if you own a computer and I’m undecided on the 3G. And it is so small and thin and light. I read more books last moth (since I have it) than any other month in the year. What makes it really great is that you don’t have to wait for 2 days for your book to arrive from amazon, you can start reading in a minute. My wife has a “vintage” second generation kindle and she loves it but I can see the envy in her eyes… The only thing that feels wrong is that the ebooks are not really cheaper than the paper ones and even some times are more expensive…

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