Day 1 of Running

Today is my first day of a 13 week running program. The goal is to run a 10k race on Fool’s Day (4/1). I need to prove myself. It is a nice and sunny day in Central Florida. 42F at noon. Cold. I wore my new running shoes, shorts, technical t-shirt and a hat. The hat was a good idea. Long sleeves would have been nice. Did not bring water. Did not need it. The program for today was to run for 1 minute, walk for 2 minutes, repeat 12 times. The first interval was alright, the second one was harder, the third one was even harder than the second. After 6 intervals/18 minutes I turned back. The second half was easier than the first half. Total distance – 2.4 miles, pace 15 min/mile. I ran a lot faster than the program prescribes but it was too cold to run slowly. The new shoes did make a difference, my shins almost did nor hurt. So, I made the first step, the rest should be a piece of cake (at least that’s what the book says)…

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