Nokia Lumia 800

Yesterday I received my brand new and free Nokia Lumia 800. Any color that you like as long as it’s black… Euro power adapter. Good but not great packaging (my palm pre had better packaging then any other phone I’ve seen 2-3 years ago). Went to the local AT&T store and got my SIM card cut. The girl was very friendly and she was excited to see the phone that is not for sale yet… The whole trip took not more than 15 minutes and I was in the game…

First impressions: compared to my old samsung focus the nokia is thicker and heavier, the screen seems slightly smaller and is less bright. All the buttons are on the right-hand side as opposite to the samsung that has buttons on both sides. The phone came with a plastic cover which is a nice touch. It’s faster than the samsung as has a nice solid feeling.

Somehow I expected that after I login with my live ID all my apps and data will be there from the cloud. That is not the case. You login and then nothing. After setting up my google and work accounts contacts and calendars were synced. Then connected to Zune, installed some updates and had to setup syncing for my music, podcasts and pictures. After about an hour things were looking a bit better. Then I had to reinstall all my apps. Maybe not all but those 15 or 20 that I use often. Overall not a great experience. I hear another company does that better and sells a lot more phones…

Microsoft store will be selling that phone for $900 on Feb 14th. I don’t know what are they thinking. It’s nice but not $900 nice. Can’t wait to see the Lumia 900…

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