Veni, vidi, vici

This weekend I attended a two-day Windows 8 event – a dev camp and hackaton in Seaworld Orlando. The event was organized by Microsoft and reminded me of the dev events from old days – very well-organized and executed. The best part was that I won one of the 3 grand prizes for the hackaton – a Samsung slate and $500 gift card.

I presented a simple To Do List application. There are 3 columns for to do items (list, today and tomorrow) and the user can rearrange his list with drag and drop. I also implemented a share contract and a live tile showing the top 3 items. I even incorporated a palm tree which was one of the requirements for extra credit.

The app actually turned out pretty well for a one day effort and seems quite usable. I plan to submit it to the marketplace with almost no changes so I can test how the process works (and see how many people would pay 99c to be more organized)…

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