Multi-platform development with c#

The life of the mobile developer today is not easy at all. The market is segmented with at least 3 major players (counting Microsoft, not counting Blackberry). Clients/users want native look and feel and native performance on each platform. Tools like PhoneGap promising write-once-run-everywhere with html5/css/javascript unfortunately just don’t deliver on that promise.

In the recent years Microsoft, knowing that it is not quite winning the post-PC battle is trying to lure the developers to write apps for winphone/win8 by providing the best dev tools and a relatively easy path (with the partnership with xamarin) to porting apps from android or ios to winphone/win8.

Besides code reuse, there is another also important aspect of mobile (or not) development: using a modern and powerful language. In the recent years Java is trailing behind c# (catching up but still not there) and objective-c is so not in the same league as the other two that apple had to introduce a whole new language to replace it few month ago. And c# is almost everywhere – on the client, on the server, on a device, in the cloud – devs can use the same skills and the same tools for any type or size project. (in all honesty that mostly applies to javascript too – with the exception of the nice tools part).

So in the following days I’ll create a small demo of a LOB application on all mobile platforms using visual studio, c#, xamarin, an mvvm library, etc. My goal is to have a form and call a service with the data from the form writing as little code as reasonable and reusing it as much as possible.

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