It’s so confusing…

Big success: I created a (mostly empty) angular2/ core project. But victory did not come easy…

On my mac I updated VS Code to the current version, then installed core following the instructions. Installed typescript. Installed yeoman. Installed the core generator. Created an empty project and it run. Just like that. Even debugging worked. VS Code had to install few extensions but it knew what it needed. Pretty cool.

Looked at the project structure… it’s all different… but manageable.

Next step – angular2. Looked at the quick start guide, looked at couple of blog posts. Everybody suggests something different. Then I found a yeoman generator for asp.core and angular2 RC4 (current is RC5) and decided to give it a try. Worked fine.

Then decided to make some changes. Added a Speaker model, Speakers controller and a GetSpeakers api call. Then on the client side added a component, a controller, a service, a route, an entry in the navigation, maybe a hundred other small things… it took a while but it all worked at the end.

Biggest issue for me was that nothing is where you expect it to be on the mac. At the end I ended up downloading a norton commander style file manager from the app store just to be able to view/compare two folders.

Finally – create a repo and push it to GitHub. This always gets me. They could have done a bit better job in VS Code/GitHub integration. There should be a button Create a repo and push it to GitHub. Something that should be a minute took me half an hour googling error messages and typing scary things in the command prompt.

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