Orlando Code Camp 2018

Another year, another Orlando Code Camp… This time I decided to change things a bit and talk about creating Alexa skills using c#. And since Amazon just released dot net core support for the AWS Lambda functions I just had to use AWS instead of Azure… and I liked it.

Code and slides: http://github.com/zdanev/occ2018

Thanks to everybody who attended my talk, and to all the organizers and sponsors!

Python and R services in SQL Server 2017 #MSBuild

When Microsoft released R Services for SQL Server 2016 I felt a bit betrayed by Microsoft taking the other side in the data science language wars. To my good surprise they are making good with the Python community adding Python services to SQL Server 2017 (currently in preview).

In the traditional machine learning scenario we use historic data to create a model and then we use that model to predict some outcome. This presents several chalenges around the logistics of moving large chunks of data in a fast and secure way. What if we could build our models and use them to evaluate new data right where our data lives – in the SQL Server itself. And this is why Microsoft introduced the Python and R services for SQL Server.