#dvlupday in San Diego

I attended a DVLUP day in San Diego this weekend. The event started pretty rough with an ex-military security guard yelling at poor unwoken devs to order in lines before 8:00 AM. Besides that it was a lot of fun. I quite miss the energy of those events. Over a hundred devs sitting in a room in the Nokia office in San Diego, laptops open, coding… Several good presentations most notably on appstudio, unity and maps.

I worked on a video poker app for windows phone. I started with a code from a poker kata we did at work few weeks ago. I also had a control for a playing card that flips when tapped with a nice animation. And I build a working video poker game in less than 8h and it turned out pretty nice. I’m going to submit it to the app store in the following days for a DVLUP challenge.

I’m also planning to create an universal app based on that code base trying to reuse as much code as possible between winphone and win8 apps.

Update (5/5): the app just got published, download from the link below.


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